Image of the Estes Method Kit from GhostStop Ghost Hunting Equipment, featuring a blindfold, headphones, and an SBox device with a displayed frequency.

The Estes Method: An In-Depth Exploration

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The field of paranormal investigation has seen significant advancements over time, merging traditional ghost hunting methods with cutting edge technological progress. One such method that has gained attention is the Estes Method, known for its unique approach to communicating with spirits. 

Today we will specifically look at the Estes Method Kit made by Ghost Stop. It is specially crafted to support this technique and equipping investigators with the necessary tools for conducting thorough and successful sessions.

This article delves into the contents of the kit, the fundamentals of the Estes Method and its relevance in contemporary paranormal studies.

A person on stage speaks into a microphone in front of an audience, with a screen displaying an image of another person and the text "The Estes Method" in a lecture hall.
(Photo Credit: Eastern Connecticut State University)

Understanding the Estes Method

Named after Estes Park in Colorado where it gained popularity, the Estes Method is a distinctive spirit communication method that combines sensory deprivation with a spirit box device. Participants wear noise canceling headphones connected to a spirit box while blindfolded, creating an environment free from external distractions. This setup enables them to concentrate solely on the sounds from the spirit box. Simultaneously, another investigator poses questions aimed at potential spirits. The concept behind this method is that any responses heard by participants – which they verbalize – could be influenced by supernatural entities.

The technique used in this method is quite similar to the Ganzfeld Experiment, a practice in parapsychology that involves sensory deprivation to test individuals for extrasensory perception (ESP). Both approaches are based on the idea that by reducing sensory input, individuals may become more sensitive to other stimuli. This then potentially reveals phenomena that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Key Equipment of the Estes Method Kit

Ghost Stop’s Estes Method Kit consists of three main elements;

  1. SBox Ghost Scanner –  The SBox serves as an advanced spirit box designed for paranormal investigations. It scans through radio frequencies, creating various auditory signals that spirits are believed to manipulate in order to communicate. Additionally, the SBox includes recording features, enabling researchers to capture potential evidence for later examination.
  2. Noise Canceling Headphones –  These headphones play a crucial role in the sensory deprivation aspect of the Estes Method. They are crafted to fit snugly over the ears, reducing external noise and allowing participants to solely hear the output from the SBox. The noise canceling function of these headphones is essential for upholding the method’s integrity.
  3. Blindfold – The provided blindfold is lightweight and comfortable, designed specifically to eliminate visual distractions.

When the participant blocks out visual distractions, they can fully concentrate on the sounds from the spirit box. It is thought to improve the chances of receiving and understanding messages from spirits.

Person sitting indoors wearing a blindfold and headphones, using an Estes Method Kit, with windows and caution-taped area visible in the background.
Paranormal investigation using the Estes Method

How to Conduct an Estes Method Session

  1. Preparation – Select a location known for paranormal occurrences. Check that all equipment is functioning properly and that batteries are fully charged.
  2. Setup – Have one team member wear noise canceling headphones connected to the SBox and wear a blindfold. This person will be the “receiver.” Other team members will be the “questioners,” asking questions aimed at any potential spirits in the area.
  3. Execution – The questioners ask their questions aloud, giving time for the receiver to listen and interpret any responses coming through the SBox. The receiver should speak out any words or phrases they hear, even if they don’t make sense at that moment.
  4. Documentation – Record the entire session using audio and video equipment if available. This enables later review of responses and analysis of how questions align with what is vocalized by the receiver.

The Estes Method has sparked significant interest in the paranormal investigation community due to its unique approach and compelling evidence. By creating an environment that isolates the receiver from external influences, this method aims to enhance the possibility of communicating with spirits. Through the use of a spirit box and sensory deprivation, investigators believe they can better detect and interpret paranormal activities.

Additionally, the Estes Method has been featured on various paranormal TV shows focused on the supernatural. This has helped increase its popularity and showcase its effectiveness in real life investigations. Its structured methodology offers a reliable framework for researchers to adhere to, enhancing the credibility and robustness of their studies.


Ghost Stop’s Estes Method Kit provides a comprehensive solution for those interested in exploring spirit communication through this method. Equipped with top quality components that support sensory deprivation and improve auditory sensitivity, this kit contains all necessary tools for conducting thorough and successful sessions.

The Estes Method has become a significant asset in the ever changing realm of paranormal exploration. Whether you’re an experienced investigator or just starting out, having the Estes Method Kit at your disposal can greatly enhance your ghost hunting endeavors.

For more information or to purchase the Estes Method Kit, visit Ghost Stop’s website.

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