A dirt path is surrounded and shaded by trees with thick, twisting branches covered in hanging moss, forming a natural archway reminiscent of haunted plantations in Louisiana. Sunlight filters through the dense foliage.

8 Real Haunted Plantations in Louisiana

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Louisiana is famous for its beautiful and historic plantations, but some of these places have a darker, more chilling side. From the infamous Myrtles Plantation to the eerie Greenwood Plantation, each one has its own ghost stories and haunted history. Let’s take a closer look at eight of these haunted plantations in Louisiana.

A large, two-story white house with a wraparound porch, reminiscent of the elegance found at Myrtles Plantation, is surrounded by lush greenery and hanging moss from trees, viewed from the front yard.
Myrtles Plantation

Myrtles Plantation, Francisville

7747 U.S. Highway 61, St. Francisville, LA 70775, USA

Myrtles Plantation, located in St. Francisville was constructed in 1796 by General David Bradford. Known as one of Americas haunted houses, it boasts a rich history filled with sorrow and enigma. Throughout the years it has changed hands several times, each owner adding a chapter to its narrative. In the century several tragic deaths occurred on the premises, including those of children which many believe have contributed to its reputation as a haunted location.

ghostGhost Story

Guests and employees of Myrtles Plantation have recounted encounters with spirits. One prominent ghost is Chloe, a slave who had her ear severed as punishment and later poisoned her owners family. Chloes apparition, often appearing in a turban, has been sighted on occasions. Additional reported phenomena include sightings of children at play sounds echoing through the halls and objects mysteriously shifting position, on their own accord. Some suggest that the plantation’s mirrors hold the captured spirits of those who met their demise within its walls adding to its aura.

Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie

3645 Highway 18, Vacherie, LA 70090, USA

Established in the 1830s by Jacques Roman, Oak Alley Plantation is renowned for its row of oak trees. Situated alongside the Mississippi River this picturesque estate has stood witness to events such as the Civil War and changes in ownership over time. Today Oak Alley stands as a maintained representation of pre Civil War architecture.

ghostGhost Story

Enthralling visitors beyond its significance are the ghost tales associated with Oak Alley. Many guests claim to have witnessed figures donning period attire wandering around the property while mysterious footsteps reverberate through the corridors. One seen ghost is a lady dressed in white believed to be an inhabitant often spotted on the balcony of the second floor. Another apparition is that of a girl who intermittently materializes in the gardens before vanishing upon approach. These eerie encounters bring a dimension to the allure of this plantation.

A large white mansion with tall columns and a wraparound porch, reminiscent of the grandeur seen at Houmas House Plantation, is set in a lush, green landscape and framed by an arching tree branch. Known as one of the most haunted plantations in Louisiana.
Houmas House Plantation

Houmas House Plantation, Darrow

40136 Highway 942 Darrow, LA 70725, USA

Situated near Darrow the historic Houmas House has a history dating back to the 1700s and further flourishing in the 1800s earning it the prestigious title of the “Crown Jewel of Louisiana’s River Road.” This plantation thrived through sugarcane cultivation. Has been meticulously restored to showcase its former grandeur complete with authentic period furnishings and enchanting gardens.

ghostGhost Story

The presence of spirits at Houmas House adds an element to its charm. Encounters with Civil War soldiers are not uncommon. Many visitors have reported sightings of a girl ghost who tragically succumbed to yellow fever. She often appears in a dress and is said to roam around the premises. These benevolent apparitions contribute to making Houmas House a paranormal destination. Guests also mention feeling a sense of being observed or hearing sounds that enhance the experience of stepping back in time.

Belle Grove Plantation, White Castle

Belle Grove Drive, White Castle, Louisiana 70788, USA

Constructed in 1857 Belle Grove Plantation located in Iberville Parish once stood as one of the plantations in the region. Despite its beginnings the plantation fell into disrepair over time. Now lies in ruins. Nonetheless the tales of ghosts and eerie happenings associated with Belle Grove continue to keep its history alive.

ghostGhost Story

Amidst its state of decay Belle Grove remains a place known for occurrences. Many visitors claim to have seen figures and heard voices within its premises. It is believed that the spirits of slaves and former residents who lived and passed away there still roam the grounds attracting ghost hunters and enthusiasts intrigued by the paranormal. The sorrowful past of the plantation seems to have left a lasting imprint with spirits to rest in peace.

Historic colonial-style mansion reminiscent of Destrehan Plantation, featuring a large, two-story veranda with brick chimneys and pillars. White columns and green shutters adorn the building, surrounded by trees and a grassy yard.
Destrehan Plantation

Destrehan Plantation, Destrehan

13034 River Road, Destrehan, Louisiana 70047, USA

Founded in 1787 by Jean Noel Destrehan along the banks of the Mississippi River, Destrehan Plantation has played a role in shaping Louisianas history. It endured events like the German Coast Uprising of 1811 which marked one of the slave revolts in American history. Today it stands as a maintained site that draws visitors.

ghostGhost Story

Reports of hauntings at Destrehan Plantation include sightings of apparitions and shadowy figures. Guests often describe feelings of being watched or hearing noises while exploring this site. Jean Noel Destrehans spirit is believed to wander around the estate, possibly still watching over the land he once oversaw. These spooky encounters add a touch to the plantation’s history attracting those fascinated by the supernatural.

Loyd Hall Plantation, Cheneyville

292 Loyd Bridge Road, Cheneyville, LA 71325, USA

Established in 1820 Loyd Hall Plantation, in Cheneyville has a past including its role as a Confederate headquarters during the Civil War. The plantations history is rife with tales of mystery and sorrow likely contributing to its reputation for being haunted.

ghostGhost Story

One of the rumored spirits haunting Loyd Hall is a Confederate soldier who met his end on the property. His apparition is frequently sighted, with visitors hearing his footsteps echoing through the halls. Another famous ghost is “Uncle Joe,” an overseer who supposedly serenades visitors with his violin in the quiet of night. These spectral figures create an ambiance that draws in those fascinated by tales and otherworldly phenomena.

A historic two-story plantation house with white columns and a shaded front lawn featuring large trees covered in Spanish moss, reminiscent of the haunted plantations in Louisiana, evokes the mysterious ambiance of Shadows on the Teche.
Shadows on the Teche

Shadows on the Teche, New Iberia

317 East Main Street, New Iberia, LA 70560, USA

Constructed in 1834 by David Weeks, Shadows on the Teche in New Iberia has been a witness to events, including the Civil War. Renowned for its architecture and gardens, this plantation also carries tales of the supernatural.

ghostGhost Story

The ghostly presence of Mary Weeks Davids spouse is said to linger within the plantation. Witnesses often spot her gazing out windows or wandering through the corridors. Visitors have also recounted hearing melodies from a piano and childrens laughter echoing through the halls despite no children being around. These ghostly experiences add an air of intrigue to the plantations tranquil beauty making it a captivating destination, for those intrigued by history and otherworldly encounters.

Greenwood Plantation, Francisville

6838 Highland Road, St. Francisville, LA 70775, USA

Originally constructed in 1830 and reconstructed after a fire in the early ’60s Greenwood Plantation stands proudly in St. Francisville. Renowned for its Greek Revival architecture and tumultuous past, this plantation has garnered a reputation for being haunted.

Ghost Story

Ghostly sightings at Greenwood Plantation include the appearances of a lady dressed in white and a young boy believed to be inhabitants. Visitors often experience a chill. Catch glimpses of shadowy figures. These spectral entities appear to be connected to the plantations history casting a veil of mystery and spookiness that captivates and draws in visitors.


Louisianas haunted plantations offer a fusion of narratives intertwined with elements of the supernatural. Each location bears its collection of stories featuring apparitions and inexplicable occurrences.

Visiting these plantations offers a window to the past while also inviting guests to immerse themselves in the enigmatic events that still fascinate the mind. Delving into these locations provides an insight into the vibrant history of Louisiana, where echoes of bygone days linger, in the air.

At Haunt Scout we love finding haunts for history lovers and paranormal investigators. If you do decide to explore these places, we are jealous. Happy Ghost Hunting!

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