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8 Most Haunted Roads and Bridges in America

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America is full of folklore about ghostly hitchhikers, spectral automobiles, and other bizarre roadway phenomena. Since we all spend so much time in our cars, it’s not surprising that so many locations associated with them would generate some great tales fit for the campfire.

Let’s take a look at a few key otherworldly spots!

A haunted covered bridge surrounded by trees in America.
Colville Covered Bridge – Hinkston Creek, Kentucky

Colville Covered Bridge – Hinkston Creek, Kentucky

Originally built in 1877, the Colville Covered Bridge has accrued some great paranormal stories over the years. One tells of two teenagers returning from prom in the 1930s who lost control of their car and died in the creek below the bridge. Ghostly lights have been reported under the bridge ever since.

Another tale involves an elderly woman named Sarah Mitchell who died while walking across the bridge. Her ghost is said to call for help while coughing and sobbing.

Clinton Road – West Milford, New Jersey

Clinton Road has a wide array of unusual occurrences connected to it, making it a site of interest for any lover of the strange and unusual. Some of the sightings have included the ghost of a boy who will appear if you put a coin in the middle of the paved road, a spectral Camaro driven by a girl who died, a ghost truck that chases drivers to the end of the road, and the spiritual forms of two park rangers who passed away in 1939.

There have even been tales of bizarre creatures or hybrids spotted on the road following the closure of Jungle Habitat, an animal-based theme park that was popular in the 1970s.

Dead Man’s Curve – Bantam, Ohio

This dangerous turn in Ohio’s Clermont County is found where Route 222 intersects with Route 125 and has been the cause of many deaths over the years, even stretching back to horse and carriage accidents in the 1800s.

Among the sightings reported have included a ghostly green Road Runner car that chases drivers, visions of supernatural carriages, and, most notably, a hitchhiking, faceless man said to be connected to the deaths of four teenagers in 1969. This spirit is reported to attempt to cause further accidents on the road, so be careful out there.

US Route 3 – Lincoln, New Hampshire

Possibly one of the most famous sites in paranormal studies, this location is where Barney and Betty Hill experienced their alien sighting and abduction in 1961. In September of that year, the Hills saw a bright, moving light in the sky while they were driving. Looking through binoculars, Betty discovered it to be an “odd-shaped” craft. Eventually, the UFO descended, blocking their path and causing the Hills to stop.

When Barney got out of his vehicle, he reported he could see nonhuman figures within the craft, making him flee back to the car. The car then began to vibrate with beeping and buzzing sounds being heard.

The Hills experienced an altered consciousness, and when they came to they had traveled 35 miles and had memories of encountering a fiery orb in the road. Hypnosis sessions later revealed the Hills’ belief they had been taken aboard the craft and had had experiments conducted on them. Their case remains prominent in the UFO community.

A black and white photo of a railroad track, showcasing villamain and shane roads, one of the most haunted roads in America.
Villamain and Shane Roads – San Antonio, Texas

Villamain and Shane Roads – San Antonio, Texas

This intersection has a particularly dark and spooky history. As the story goes, in the 1930s or 1940s a school bus transporting children home became stalled on the intersection’s nearby railroad tracks. As an approaching train barrelled down on the bus, the passengers attempted to flee, but not all were able to escape, resulting in several deaths.

It’s said that drivers who park near the location can sometimes find small handprints covering their cars.

Loop 1604 Bridge – San Antonio, Texas

Something strange must be lurking in San Antonio neighborhoods because there’s even more bizarre happenings to note. Known as Donkey Lady Bridge, the small bridge that stretches across Elm Creek has some intriguing local folklore attached.

In the 1800s, a wealthy man’s son is said to have beaten a family’s donkey after an altercation with it. When the family ran him off by throwing rocks, the young man vowed revenge and returned with a posse who burned the family’s home and killed all within. The family’s matriarch is said to live on as the “Donkey Lady,” a ghostly apparition apparently in the form of a human-animal hybrid that features loose, baggy skin.

A black and white photo of a house on the side of a haunted road.
Jeremy Swamp Road – Southbury, Connecticut

Jeremy Swamp Road – Southbury, Connecticut

This road has some particularly bizarre local lore attached to it. According to the tales, drivers who find themselves stalled on Jeremy Swamp Road will often vanish before a tow truck arrives, leaving only an empty car for the tow truck driver to discover.

It is said that these unfortunate drivers have been attacked by the “Mellon Heads,” strange and deformed humanoid creatures with small bodies and bulbous, hairless heads. These same creatures are also reported in parts of Ohio and Michigan.

Forest Road 87, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests – Snowflake, Arizona

The precise location for this purported alien abduction is unknown, but Forest Road 87 is where Travis Walton and his friends report they encountered a UFO in 1975, and where Travis himself says he was abducted.

While out on a job, the seven men witnessed a saucer-shaped object making a buzzing sound and hovering above the ground. When Travis got out to investigate, he reports that a beam of light knocked him unconscious, at which point his frightened coworkers fled in their vehicle. He awoke in a hospital-like setting being observed by otherworldly creatures, fought them, and then remembered nothing until he found himself walking on a highway five days later, with the craft departing. Walton’s story has been debated and analyzed over the years, and was even turned into a fictionalized but very entertaining film, Fire in the Sky.

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