Possible a haunted jail with view through iron bars into a sparse room with a single metal-framed bed, checkered floor, peeling walls, and a barred window with a blurry light fixture.

Michigan’s Most Haunted Prisons: Jackson to Allegan

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Michigan has a past with stories of wrongdoing, retribution and the supernatural. These Great Lakes State prisons are known for sightings, strange happenings and spooky vibes. Let’s dive into two haunted prisons in Michigan, each boasting its own intriguing past and well documented paranormal events.

But first before we talk about spooky prisons, let’s witness Michigan’s criminal past.

Michigan’s Criminal History

Michigan has an intriguing history of crime filled with known criminals daring thefts and violent gang rivalries. Since the era of Prohibition when illegal alcohol was smuggled across the Detroit River by bootleggers and rum runners, to the battles for control of the city’s streets between drug traffickers and gang members in the 1970s and 80s.

One notable character from Michigan’s past is Harry Fleisher, a gang leader who dominated Detroit’s underworld in the early 1900s. He was infamous for his methods and intimidating presence, through illicit gambling, prostitution and extortion schemes.

Another known figure is Soapy Smith, a swindler and thief who targeted visitors in the Upper Peninsula during the 1800s. Smiths deceptive tactics became legendary making him a colorful character in Michigan’s annals.

In times Michigan witnessed various notorious gang conflicts, like the infamous “Young Boys Inc.” gang that wreaked havoc on Detroit’s streets in the 1970s and 80s. Also the darker days with key figures such as Maserati Rick and Butch Jones. Their reign of chaos came to an end thanks to the efforts of law enforcement officials who tirelessly pursued justice.

Now, with a bit of history in our arsenal, let’s delve into Michigan two only haunted prisons that hold evidence of the paranormal.

(Other Michigan prisons are still in use. The two historic prisons that follow have been accessible to the public and have been documented with paranormal activity. We believe there may be other haunted prisons but can’t find any documentation.)

The haunted Jackson Historic Prison. A historic stone wall with a large round tower and a large open gate leading to a building within, surrounded by a pathway and blooming purple wildflowers.
Jackson Historic Prison

Jackson Historic Prison (Michigan State Prison), Jackson

haunted prison map pointer100 Armory Ct, Jackson, MI 49202, USA

Within the walls of the 170 year old Michigan State Prison, a rich and eventful past unraveled. The prison played a part in the state’s prison system by accommodating the most notorious criminals of its era. Starting as a prison in 1842 and closing its doors in 2007, Michigan State Penitentiary stood as a reflection of changing beliefs, correctional methods and societal norms. As the gates of this high security facility opened and closed the destinies of inmates, guards and officials were forever altered. Today the prison has been turned into a community called Armory Arts Village. But present day paranormal occurrences within its confines linger as a reminder of its troubled past.

Black and white historical photo of a group of fifteen inmates in striped uniforms posing in three rows in front of the haunted Jackson Historic Prison. Back then called Michigan State Prison.
Jackson Historic Prison Inmates (Photo Credit: Jackson Historic Prison Tours)

Residents have shared spooky experiences from strange sounds and ghostly sightings to mysterious cold spots and paintings mysteriously falling off walls. Judy Krasnow, a resident and writer, recalls her own eerie encounters at the place. She vividly remembers an incident involving a crow that seemed to symbolize a deceased former prisoner. People visiting on prison tours can hear residual hauntings such as echoes of riots, due to the prisons rioting past. The dark history of this prison has led to increases in gatherings that draw people fascinated by the paranormal.

Large red brick Victorian building, now a haunted old jail museum in Michigan, with a round turret, multiple windows, and a front porch, situated under a clear blue sky.
Old Jail Museum

Old Jail Museum (Old Allegan County Jail), Allegan

Haunted prison map pointer113 N Walnut St, Allegan, MI 49010, USA

The Old Jail Museum in Allegan, Michigan holds a history dating back to 1906 when it was constructed to function as both a prison and a home for the local sheriff and his family. For more than fifty years the jail served as an important part of the community, accommodating numerous inmates and serving as a residence for the sheriffs family. Following the construction of a jail in 1963 the old jail was transformed into a museum. The front section showcases furniture and antiques from the 1900s. The back of the residence retains its eerie cells and solitary confinement areas.

Interior of a haunted the Old Jail Museum prison in Michigan showing a row of closed cell doors with metal bars, illuminated by natural light from windows.
Old Jail Museum Cells

Apart from its artifacts, what adds to this museum’s allure are the many reported paranormal encounters. Visitors and staff have shared sightings of the sheriffs wifes ghost, heard footsteps and noises and felt inexplicable touches by unseen entities. Some have even witnessed a streak of light moving through the solitary confinement area. In the kitchen and dining space workers have mentioned seeing a presence. Also, there’s a strange occurrence where the mannequins’ outfit seems to change on its own, making this museum a top destination, for those intrigued by paranormal phenomena.


As we wrap up our exploration of Michigan’s haunted prisons we hope you’ve been captivated by the eerie allure. The Jackson Historic Prison and Old Jail Museum stand out as the two jails brimming with activity. Whether you’re a paranormal investigator or simply intrigued by thrills, these spooky sites are bound to give you goosebumps. 

So if you’re keen to experience these locations firsthand, see the official websites of the Jackson Historic Prison and the Old Jail Museum. Thanks for reading and Happy Ghost Hunting!

Article by Haunt Scout

Article by Haunt Scout

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