Haunted looking lighthouse at night in America

8 Haunted Lighthouses Along America’s East Coast

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Lighthouses have always held an allure, for individuals. These majestic structures have served as beacons for sailors and fishermen navigating waters for generations with their fascinating history and striking beauty capturing the hearts of many. Did you know that certain lighthouses harbor more than a guiding light and a sense of protection? Indeed we’re delving into the realm of lighthouses! 

Along the seaboard of the East Coast of the United States lie some of the renowned haunted lighthouses in the nation and we’re embarking on a journey to uncover the reported paranormal occurrences at these eerie locations.

The haunted West Quoddy Light located in Maine on Americas East Coast
West Quoddy Head Light

West Quoddy Head Light, Maine

Haunted lighthouse map pointer973 S Lubec Rd, Lubec, ME 04652, USA

Situated in Lubec, Maine the West Quoddy Head Light has been aiding sailors navigating through the Quoddy Narrows since 1858. However it’s not just the beacon guiding them – numerous visitors have shared accounts of witnessing the apparition of a lighthouse keeper believed to be the ghost of a man who passed away in the lighthouse during the 1900s. Reports include sounds, doors mysteriously opening and closing and sightings of a figure. Some have even described feeling a coldness in spots within the well insulated lighthouse.

Boston Light, Massachusetts

Haunted lighthouse map pointerLittle Brewster Island, Boston, MA, 493405 USA

As the lighthouse in the United States since 1716 Boston Light holds a wealth of history intertwined with tales of paranormal encounters. Visitors have recounted seeing what they believe to be the spirit of a lighthouse keeper and hearing noises and whispers. There are also claims of individuals feeling contact or being nudged by a presence. Legend has it that a young girl who met her demise by drowning near the lighthouse haunts its surroundings.

The haunted New London Harbor Light located in Connecticut on Americas East Coast
New London Harbor Light

New London Harbor Light, Connecticut

Haunted lighthouse map pointerPequot Ave, New London, CT 06320, USA

Erected in 1801 New London Harbor Light boasts a history marked by reports of phenomena. Before the lighthouse became automated the Coast Guard officers working there experienced occurrences. This included hearing noises during the night, witnessing doors opening and closing on their own and noticing the television flickering intermittently. There were reports of individuals feeling their blankets being tugged off while they were asleep. Many visitors have also spoken about feeling a sense of discomfort and fear while exploring the lighthouse.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse, New Jersey

Haunted lighthouse map pointer84 Mercer Rd, Highlands, NJ 07732, USA

The Sandy Hook Lighthouse situated in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey has been operational since 1764. However it’s not the beacon that has steered sailors through the Atlantic waters. Numerous accounts suggest sightings of a former lighthouse keepers ghost. Visitors have also recounted sounds, inexplicable cold spots and even glimpses of a figure donning a white uniform. Some speculate that the lighthouse harbors the spirit of a sailor who perished in a shipwreck.

The haunted Cape May Lighthouse located in New Jersey on Americas East Coast
Cape May Lighthouse

Cape May Lighthouse, New Jersey

Haunted lighthouse map pointer215 Light House Ave, Cape May, NJ 08204, USA

Positioned at the southernmost point of New Jersey, the Cape May Lighthouse has served as a guide for sailors navigating through waters since 1859.. It’s not solely its light that has aided them. Many individuals have reported sightings of a lighthouse keepers apparition, as well as strange sounds and unexplained movements. Some visitors have claimed to witness the apparition of a girl who tragically lost her life in the lighthouse back in the 1800s.

Cape Henry Lighthouse, Virginia

Haunted lighthouse map pointer583 Atlantic Ave, Fort Story, VA 23459, USA

Established in 1792 the Cape Henry Lighthouse in Virginia Beach has been a guiding beacon for seafarers navigating the Chesapeake Bay. Beyond its role, tales abound of sightings of a lighthouse keepers ghost. Visitors have recounted sounds, chilling cold spots and even glimpses of a figure wearing a uniform. Legend has it that the lighthouse is haunted by the presence of a sailor who met his end in a shipwreck.

The haunted St Augustine Lighthouse located in Florida on Americas East Coast
St Augustine Lighthouse

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

Haunted lighthouse map pointer100 Red Cox Dr, St. Augustine, FL 32080, USA

Since 1874 the St. Augustine Lighthouse has safeguarded mariners along Floridas coast. Alongside its purpose reports have surfaced regarding encounters, with a lighthouse keepers ghost, mysterious noises and inexplicable movements. Some individuals have even claimed to see the apparition of a girl who met her demise within the lighthouse during the 1800s. Many visitors have described feelings of unease and fear while exploring this site. St. Augustine Lighthouse would be one of the most famous haunted lighthouses in the world and has featured on many paranormal tv shows.

Cape St. George Lighthouse, Florida

Haunted lighthouse map pointer2B E Gulf Beach Dr, Eastpoint, FL 32328, USA

The Cape St. George Lighthouse, situated on St. George Island in Florida is known as one of the lighthouses in the Sunshine State. Established back in 1852 this lighthouse has a history of occurrences with sightings of ghostly figures, mysterious sounds and inexplicable movements being reported. Visitors have shared encounters with what seems to be the ghost of a keeper still attending to the light while others have described feeling unnerved during their visits.


As the final glimpses of sunlight disappear along the East Coast, the echoes of days start to reverberate within the walls of these lighthouses. We’ve led you on a journey, through the beacons of the Atlantic, where reality and supernatural encounters intertwine.

From the cries at Boston Light to the figures at St. Augustine Lighthouse, each haunting has woven itself into the tapestry of our nations coastal history. When planning your next haunted adventure consider visiting these magnificent structures mentioned here on Haunt Scout. Happy ghost hunting and be safe!

Article by Haunt Scout

Article by Haunt Scout

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