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Do you remember Ghostbusters from 1984? That ghost hunting equipment they used was awesome! The “Proton Pack” and “Ghost Trap” were some cool tools to use as a Ghostbuster, but we are not quite there yet when it comes to paranormal equipment.

However, these days there is some very cool and impressive ghost hunting equipment available on the market, because the popularity of paranormal tv shows have seen ghost hunters use new and improved paranormal investigation equipment to monitor spirits in haunted places.

As a massive paranormal enthusiast, I have put together a ghost hunting equipment list of the best inventions on the market today. Also, if you are interested in purchasing these mechanisms, there are links provided for convenient online purchasing.

GS2 Laser Grid System – An Innovation in Paranormal Equipment

Likely you’ve all been watching the latest paranormal investigation shows on the Travel Channel, and have seen this device that projects a grid or small dots over your area of investigation. The key concept of this piece of paranormal equipment is to show any movement from potential spirits in a particular space.

The GS2 Laser Grid System specifically has been featured on Ghost Nation and has been used by Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango. The device projects a red pattern to identify visual disturbances and senses motion, distance, direction, and temperature fluctuations.

With this piece of ghost hunting equipment, you are able to map out everything you wanted to know about the physical aspects of a ghost or any anomaly that floats in front of you. It’s amazing what’s now possible with the laser system created by veteran investigators from Ghost Stop.

More special features include:

  • Multiple sensors find and alert to environment change within the laser-mapped area
  • Conducts baseline readings
  • Senses distance, motion, direction and temperature changes
  • Upgraded battery with over 4x the life
  • New sensitivity control slider switch
  • New speaker off/on switch

For more info or to purchase, go to the GS2 Laser Grid page.

Full Spectrum POV Cam

As a majority of ghost hunting is done in the dark, you need a second pair of eyes to help spot a spirit. There are some high-tech cameras now that can help you see the “unseeable.”

We recommend the Full Spectrum POV Cam. It is perfect for those dark, creepy, and haunted locations as it’s specifically for extended use in low light. This specific camera, which is made by Ghost Stop in the US, has 4K Ultra HD resolution, which is 4x the quality of 1080p. The camera has been modified especially for ghost hunters, with UV and IR sensitivity to view the full spectrum of light including light not seen with the human eye, giving it a special place on our ghost hunting equipment list.

More special features include:

  • Photos in 12MP
  • Camera is mountable anywhere
  • New 120fps option available
  • Wi-Fi Live-View Display with free mobile app
  • Extended battery life
  • Plugs into power point for longer use

For more info or to purchase, go to the Full Spectrum POV Cam page.

EVP Recorder

In most cases we can’t hear ghosts trying to communicate with us, so this piece of paranormal investigation equipment can be the bridge in between. An EVP recorder is a well-known tool in the ghost hunting industry with most investigators using them.

We recommend the Olympus EVP Recorder with USB and LIVE Listening as this particular voice recorder is known to pick up on even a mouse’s whisper. After initiating your EVP recording session in the most haunted, creepiest room in the house, you have the option to live listen with ear jacks to see if any voice was picked up. Beyond that, you can plug the recorder directly into your computer with the pop-out USB for fast file transfer.

More special features include:

  • 4GB memory for 1,000 Hours+ of recording time
  • High-quality stereo sound
  • Up to 100 hours of recording time on one battery
  • Noise reduction functions (voice filter, low-cut filter and noise cancel)

For more info or to purchase this paranormal equipment, visit the EVP Recorder page.

EMF Meter – Essential Ghost Hunting Equipment

Over time when experimenting with different gadgets in the field of ghost hunting, there has been some amazing findings. One is detecting spirits by the reading of electromagnetic fields.

We recommend the Rook EMF Meter with Sound which is the latest EMF meter in ghost hunting. This specific piece of ghost hunting equipment detects small changes in electromagnetic energy and alerts with lights and sound. Spikes and fluctuations are indicated by the dual-lighted panel on the top, with a buzzer to indicate proximity and strength. This Rook is also fortified from interference, which reduces the chance of false readings.

More special features include:

  • Easy-access battery compartment
  • Tripod mountable for flexibility
  • Detects NATURAL magnetic and man-made EMF
  • Lighted on/off power switch and power indicator for finding it in dark places

For more info or to purchase, visit the Rook EMF meter page.

Ghost Box

This piece of ghost hunting equipment is very fascinating and quite creepy to be honest. When sitting in a dark room in an abandoned 1800s hotel, hearing voices come through a machine does give you chills, earning this device a special place on our ghost hunting equipment list!

The “Ghost Box” is a radio frequency sweep scanner, which generates white noise from existing FM and AM bands. Professionals have suggested that the white noise gives spirits enough energy to communicate back to us. When this happens, you will hear words/voices coming through the static in the attempt of ghost communication. With this piece of paranormal investigation equipment, it will record your ghost box sessions for instant playback, or you can choose to store the session on an SD card for later inspection. This particular “SBox Ghost Scanner + Recorder” will also allow you to have a normal EVP session without the radio sweep. So it’s a 2-in-1 piece of ghost hunting equipment!

(I don’t think the EVP recording on this device will be as professional as the “Olympus EVP Recorder,” but it will still do a decent job and is well worth the price.)

More special features include:

  • Adjustable Sweep Speed Control
  • Bluetooth Connection for Use as a Wireless Speaker
  • Rechargeable Battery and Long Life
  • Loud, Amplified Speaker (10x power) and Headphone Port
  • Built-in Flashlight (Very impressive)
  • Downloadable & updatable software

For more info or to purchase, follow visit the Ghost Box page.

BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear (A bit of fun)

Now this piece of paranormal investigation equipment is a fun bonus to have in the field. It’s not a must, but why wouldn’t you want a cuddly bear helping out?

The BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear cutely sits in your desired haunted location and detects EMF energy. Ghost hunters recommend having it in an area you think may be haunted by child entities. Theories suggest that using an object familiar and attractive to an entity may entice them to interact, making this key paranormal equipment if that is your goal. All electronics are hidden within the teddy so it blends into the room quite nicely. This is a fun invention adding an extra tool into your ghost hunting equipment list. Why not add an extra pair of sensors to your paranormal investigation team?

More special features include:

  • Detects EMF changes and responds with lights in the belly and paws when spikes arise
  • New and improved design since the 2018 version

For more info or to purchase, visit the BooBuddy Jr. page.

Phasm Light

This piece of ghost hunting equipment is incredibly versatile, offering infrared for night vision, ultraviolet, variable color settings, and a super bright light option. So whether you are trying to scan an area in low-light conditions, detect some ectoplasm, or simply wanting to brighten up a darkened corner for a better look in a home that has experienced disaster, this is the ideal device.

Best yet, this piece of paranormal equipment features attachment options for tripods, brackets, or magnetization, giving you a range of opportunities in the field.

More special features include:

  • Full control over light selection, brightness, and color
  • Wide angle spread for full light coverage
  • Rechargeable battery and plug for unlimited power

For more info or to purchase, visit the Phasm Light page.

REM Pod with Temp

The last entry on our ghost hunting equipment list is the REM Pod, a device designed to alert ghost hunters of any fluctuations of ambient temperature in an area that they are investigating.

Using a miniature, telescopic antenna to radiate EMF signals, the device is able to pick up evidence of anything that can conduct electricity within the vicinity. Four colored LED lights become activated when in the presence of anything unusual, allowing the operator to record their findings.

More special features include:

  • Proximity detection with range adjustment
  • New 2.0 REM sensitivity boost
  • Alerts with audible tones
  • LEDs for visual alerts, with red for warmer and blue for cooler
  • Automated temperature deviation detection (ATDD)

For more info or to purchase, visit the REM Pod page.

Above is the recommended primary ghost hunting equipment that you should consider on your next investigation. We do acknowledge there are other impressive gadgets on the market, but these would be your bread and butter in the electronic ghost hunters tool kit.

Yes, there are also more cost-effective, old-school ways to communicate with ghosts too. We will cover these original techniques in a new article in the future.

Article by Haunt Scout

Article by Haunt Scout

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