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8 Creepy Paranormal Podcasts For Bedtime

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There has been an uprising in podcasting over the years. This has spread across every genre you can think of. Today we are looking at, in our opinion, the 8 best paranormal podcasts you should listen to at bedtime. Also these podcasts are FREE to subscribe!

Jim Harolds Campfire True Ghost Stories. Jim Harold sitting in front of his microphone in the spooky studios.

Jim Harold’s Campfire

Jim Harold is a well-known voice in the paranormal and supernatural podcasting scene. Since 2009, Jim has been producing multiple podcast shows such as ‘Jim Harold’s Campfire,’ ‘The Paranormal Podcast,’ and recently ‘Unpleasant Dreams.’

In my opinion, the most popular is the campfire, where people call in from all over the world to share their true scary experiences. Every so often, Jim will release the most popular stories from over the years. These are episodes that I can recommend listening to. Try finding the one about ‘The Roadhouse’; it’s a head-scratcher!

Jim Harold’s Campfire’ podcast is free and limited to the 10 latest episodes. If you want to listen to all 500+ episodes, get involved with his Paranormal Plus Club.

Anything Ghost True Stories. Lex Wahl sitting in a big chair.

Anything Ghost Show

Lex Wahl, the presenter of the Anything Ghost Show has been doing it big since 2006. Probably one of the first in this podcast genre and still going today, he produces some high production audio that will keep you up at night.

Most of the time, Lex reads out true paranormal stories that have been sent to him. Occasionally, listeners of the show will send in their audio recordings. 

Lex has a great voice for a paranormal podcaster and adds his own music and sound effects which enhances the creepiness. A good supernatural podcast to listen to rugged up on a stormy night. This podcast is personally one of our favorites.

History Goes Bump. Diane and Kelly with a red balloon like Pennywises's.

History Goes Bump Podcast

Diane and Kelly are fun hosts to listen to, providing the listener with history aaaaand spookiness on haunted locations around the world.

Each History Goes Bump episode is split into sections starting with “A Moment In Oddity” and “This Month In History” segments (I have to quickly mention, the music intros to these segments are weirdly nostalgic). These parts are just as good as the featured haunted location, so don’t skip them!

I love how each episode is based on a specific haunted location profile. You’ll be amazed at how many there actually are in the world! As a long time listener, I appreciate the effort Diane and Kelly put into the production of this podcast. Make sure to like History Goes Bump on Facebook and become part of the Spooktacular Crew.

New England Legends. Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger sitting at a desk in an old room.

New England Legends Podcast

Hosted by Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger, these New England Legends give you a weekly podcast highlighting the paranormal and unusual in the New England region of the United States.

Each episode ranges from Ghosts and Monsters to Folklore and Legends, covering decades of New England history. Episodes are no longer than 20 minutes, but Jeff and Ray really pack the information into each one. The boys truly have a voice for radio and podcasting.

The production of this podcast is top-notch, and you can really appreciate the time dedicated to entertaining listeners. We’re excited about the next weird and bizarre episode to arrive in my phone notifications.

Paranormal Mysteries With Nick Ryan. Cartoon version of Nick Ryan sitting in his podcast studio.

Paranormal Mysteries Podcast

Paranormal Mysteries Podcast is hosted by Nic Ryan, who takes you on a weekly journey into the strange world we live in. The show covers Ghosts, UFO’s, Bigfoot, Aliens and Monsters just to name a few.

The structure of the podcast is listeners sending in their stories for Nic to read. Nic Ryan has a great easy to listen to voice for this genre, which makes listening to creepy stories, well.. soothing.

A podcast I’ve only discovered in the last year, it’s highly addictive and packed full of creepy real life stories. New episodes come out weekly so you’ll never be waiting long. Even when you have finished the full paranormal archive, you’ll be starting the process again in no time.

Weird Darkness. Darren Marlar looking happy holding a pass to a convention.

Weird Darkness: Stories of the Paranormal & Supernatural

The Weird Darkness podcast covers all genres within the paranormal realm. I mean ALL of them. Darren reads true stories of the paranormal, supernatural, legends, lore, the bizarre and strange, conspiracy, crime, macabre, mysterious, unsolved and unexplained. So you’ll get your fix for sure!

Darren Marlar is an award winner and professional voice artist, which you’ll understand why after a few creepy episodes. Weird Darkness is also uploaded daily, so you’ll never get bored and always have content to drool over.

As a professional voice and radio artist, Darren has a high production paranormal podcast with creepy sound effects and music. You really feel part of the stories. I can appreciate the amount of work Darren puts into producing a daily podcast, so thank you sir!

Haunt Jaunts. Courtney Mroch holding a skeleton with a cheeky look on her face.

Haunt Jaunts

Haunt Jaunts is a fun podcast hosted by my paranormal friend Courtney Mroch. Courtney is a massive fan of anything spooky, which I can relate to. She also has a highly active blog called Haunt Jaunts.

The Haunt Jaunts podcast is seasonal, where every season is dedicated to a topic. For example the latest season is based on weird museums that specialise in Mythical Creatures, Witches, UFOs, Bigfoot and Macabre.

I love Courtney’s voice and think it’s great for telling stories. She told me her mind never rests, and you can tell this as every episode is not only creepy, but informative and compelling.

Hillbilly Horror Stories. Jerry and Tracey Paulley sitting selling merchandise.

Hillbilly Horror Stories

This amusing podcast hosted by Jerry Paulley and his wife Tracy is called Hillbilly Horror Stories. Jerry has been fascinated by the paranormal since his childhood and Tracy has no idea what’s going on in each episode, so you’re in for a crazy spooky roller coaster.

Hillbilly Horror Stories podcast covers haunted locations, horror, true crime and more. Every now and again you will see a ‘Hillbilly Deadtime Story’ which is a quick story about something creepy, or ‘Eerie Encounters’ which are short stories sent by listeners.
Are Jerry and Tracy “Hillbillies’? I’m unsure. But I am sure of their passion for the paranormal and there help towards organisations such as Paranormal Kicks Cancer and people that are feeling suicidal and depressed. We need more people like them in this weird world.

Please donate to Podcasts if you have the budget

Make sure you help out and donate to these paranormal podcasts if you listen and appreciate them. Most of them accept only $1 a month, but if you have it in your budget to do more, I’m sure the hosts will appreciate it. The entertainment is worth every cent!

Article by Haunt Scout

Article by Haunt Scout

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