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What is Haunt Scout?

Haunt Scout, an all-encompassing online platform, has made it its mission to document and delve into haunted destinations across America (and eventually, the entire world). Designed as a repository for both fervent paranormal enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike, Haunt Scout boasts an extensive array of haunted spots awaiting discovery, exploration, and review.

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Have you been to any haunted places recently? Investigated a creepy haunted house? If we haven’t listed your location on Haunt Scout, please add your favourite haunted and mysterious places you have visited. In advance thanks for helping Haunt Scout grow and giving people the opportunity to find new haunts.

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Got a creepy place you want to rant about? All our haunts have a multi-review section at the bottom where you can give up to 5 ‘ghosts’ on different features the location offers. Also you can leave a detailed comment on your experience and upload a few photos of your investigation.